[CQ-Contest] CQ-Contest Digest, Vol 14, Issue 59

Dale Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Sun Feb 29 20:30:40 EST 2004

> I think it's bad operating practice to call someone unless you know
> he is calling CQ. If all you hear is the callsign, you cannot know whether
> or not he is calling CQ. Just because you can't hear another guy, you
> cannot make any assumption about whether one is there or not.

Sometimes interesting things happen (and did happen during ARRL DX CW):

Station A calls CQ (I heard only 'test').  Station B answers.  Station A
doesn't send a thing.  Station B calls again.  And again.  Station C, who's
been listening since B first called A, then drops in his call at which point
Station A responds to C (me!) and gives C (me!) a Q and a Mult.

Station A calls CQ.  Station B answers.  Silence from A.  Station B calls
again.  And again.  Nothing.  Station C (me!) drops his call in.  B says "?"
C (me!) sends his call again.  B works C giving a Q.  C moves on, leaving B
with a CQ frequency.

dale, kg5u

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