[CQ-Contest] 10M NAQP Weirdness

Gerry Maira gm at netsync.net
Wed Jan 14 18:52:10 EST 2004

A good test for LDE's would be to just make a quick, unannounced QSY off frequency a
little and make a short transmission to see if the echo is still there. No one would be
able to follow you quickly enough to keep up with any game-playing.

Gerry KA2MGE

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> K5RC, the victim of the alien shenanigans, wrote:
> >If they were looking for recognition, I hope they are
> >subscribed to this reflector. You got your
> >15 minutes of fame.
> This has been a quite interesting thread.
> Here is one realistic possibility - it was man-made, intentional, but the
> culprit was not a contester or ham at all.  Given that it happened in the CW
> portion of 10 meters, there is a sizeable non-ham population there which has
> not been mentioned (if it was I missed it) which could, in their own
> misguided way, take great exception to last Saturday's running of the NAQP.
> The times I have been parroted as a means of intentional QRM during contests
> have always been on phone, presumably by non-contester phone ops who take
> exception to our overly efficient use of their own personal domain.  This is
> not a new trick.  The first time I remember it was in 1986 on 20M SSB.
> Our CW completely tears up the plans of any of the people who use that part
> of 10 meter for phone conversations.  It seems realistic to me that at least
> one of them would have nothing better to do than attempt to "do something
> about it."
> Boy, they really showed us, didn't they?  I'm shakin' in my shoes.
> So I am thinking it was probably an illegal CBer.
> Mark, N5OT

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