[CQ-Contest] K2 and contesting - Impressions?

Lee Buller k0wa at swbell.net
Mon Jan 19 14:57:34 EST 2004

I love the k2/100 for CW contesting and it is not all that bad on SSB.  I have a PROII also and like the audio from the K2 much better.  I have operated NAQP on both SSB and CW, but I have not operated RTTY.  I have used in on 10 meters and 160 too.  I have not operated SS with it since I am at another location than my home station.
The K2 has very good selectivity.  It interfaces welll to contest programs like WriteLog.
I have my filters set at 1.5 500 400 and 250.  You can put the filters down to 100 if you want, but I find that disconcerting.  
The key is crisp and clean although at some speeds there seems to be some clicks.  There is a mod being worked on for that.  I use an external keyer (PC) and works just fine.
I have not contested with the rig on RTTY but again you can set the filters up to deal with the mode.
I rate it A+ on CW contesting and about at B+ on SSB
Lee - K0WA

K4BEV at aol.com wrote:
I'd like to hear from anyone using a K2 in contests, especially RTTY and CW.
Your impressions of this radio - esp the receiver - under contest conditions 
will be appreciated.

Thanks and 73,
Don - K4BEV
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