[CQ-Contest]re: NAQP and the (midwest)(south)east coast

Stuart Santelmann KC1F kc1f at adelphia.net
Sat Jan 24 23:41:24 EST 2004

> And, I'd have to point out that the reason that so many west
> coast superstations and superb operators show up in an
> NAQP contest is because remarkably few contests are
> pleasant these days from the west coast.  For many top
> west coast operators, DX contests must be operated from
> DX locations to be any fun.  When I say this, read "for
> example, ZF2NT".  The rare chance to get on the air and
> compete on an equal footing with the rest of the country
> brings top western stations out of the woodwork these
> days.  And, until guys like KQ2M and K1EA are regular
> participants in the NAQP simply because they are really
> really hungry to get into the top ten, you won't ever know
> what the potential for the northeast really is in this contest.
> They'll have to be hungry like west coast operators in order
> to overlook the fact that many consider the NAQP to be
> a second tier contest.
> KR6X

DX contests are simply a lot more fun from New England than domestic
contests.  I'd venture to say that most of you would rather run DX stations
at 150/hour than US stations !  I operate SS because of the tradition, and
to get a mug.  NAQP and the Sprint fall off my list compared to family
things, and doing antenna work for the DX contests.  Maybe I'll turn my
antennas west for an NAQP and see how I do !

                                73 from still frozen NH, with Democratic
candidates around every corner, and Go Patriots !

P.S. To Leigh: your high pitched "Whiskey Six Hotel X Ray" is still etched
in my mind after 30 years !

Stu            KC1F

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