[CQ-Contest] 160M - Sublime Torture

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Mon Jan 26 21:19:25 EST 2004

We now know the secret! Yours is the QTH that is the secret home of the RF
storage site that mysteriously re-emits its radiation forming strange
Euclidian shapes in the middle of wheat fields!  No DX there....signs.....

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> W7RN 282, 48, 6, = 36,072  4.5hrs
> TS950-Alpha 87-Full Size Delta Loop, beverages
> Talk about mixed emotions, the CQ 160 CW contest gave them to me.
> After 7 winters in NV, I have nearly forgotten how I would live for the
> when the QRN on 160 would drop below S9 when I lived in Texas. I'm not
> which is better the frustration of S2 noise here allowing me to hear well
> being oblivious to who is calling me.
> I won't go into the why's of the many alligators I couldn't work, but
> were dozens who were a solid S8 here who never even acknowledged with a ?
> I called repeatedly. Others, at S3, came back immediately with no repeats.
> This phenomena repeated itself from the Midwest to Florida and all points
> Even more frustrating was finding a clear frequency, calling CQ, seeing
> rate meter hit 140 per hour and then have a W3 (who could not hear me)
> CQing and blow the entire run for me.
> Also sublime is the truism that you had better have many antennas on 160
> you are going to be competitive, because the wave angles change
> K7NV has a dipole at 55' and I have a full size delta loop and am 2,200'
> in elevation. On Saturday night, we were dead equal and sometimes he was
> louder than I.
> My hat is off to the top band enthusiasts. It is indeed sublime torture.
> When is the 10M contest?
> Tom, K5RC
> aka W7RN
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