[CQ-Contest] cq 160m cw spot analysis

Tonno Vahk tonno.vahk at mail.ee
Tue Jan 27 11:29:54 EST 2004

I seriously doubt YT6A made those spots. They would have to be really plain

Somebody from locals seems to have had fun trying to make them look

There is a spot from YU6ESC (op at YT6A) in the late hours:
YU6ESC     1817.0 YT6A        Plese, stop joking with me!!  2156 25 Jan 2004

Look like the real culprit has been smart using YT6A favourite node though.
4N6DXC has been promoted by YT6A in the list:

So if I were YT6A I would find this guy and nail him to clear my name!

But there is no way to wipe clean YU7AV and YZ7A who are known selfspotters.
Since they both had scores 50 000 points higher than us at ES5Q you can
imagine the frustration. Their geographical advantages are enough for me to
cope and will demand some action from contest committee here. They could at
least ask from them if they were selfspotting and see what the answer will

JT1CO with a bunch of other JTs should be disqualified from all contests
long time ago. This is ridiculous. Even DXs aren't allowed to do whatever
they want. Although they might not directly compete to most of us they drag
down the overall moral and ethical values in contest.

es5tv, still angry at Aurora whom I want to banned as well.

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> > OH2NQ 4N6DXC YT6A strong!!!
> > OH2BNW 4N6DXC YT6A very good
> > OH5JH-@: JT1CO test
> OH2NQ and OH5JH are fake calls. OH2BNW is a real call but with google
> has only one hit (to Finnish "FCC" call sign list) = propably faked
> call.
> Selfspotting seems to be quite easy issue, these same calls are from
> to contest in these lists.
> We should allow selfspotting, it would make DXCluster much more
> :)
> 73, Timo OH1NOA
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