[CQ-Contest] NAQP SSB Contest - Players wanted by TCG

Ny4n at aol.com Ny4n at aol.com
Fri Jul 23 00:21:36 EDT 2004

   I know I am a little early with this post, and don't want to steal the 
thunder from Scott and his recruitment for the CW teams, but I wanted to get an 
earlier start and make sure that all that wanted to play for the TCG in the 
NAQP SSB would have the opportunity. Last year we missed some top notch operators 
because I ran late.
   Larry, W0ETC, says it best with the RTTY statement "You only need operate 
10 of the 12 hours to be a full time player, which gives you time for a break 
with your kids or whoever. If you only want to play for a few hours, great 
join us and get n on the action. Please join us in the fun of NAQP SSB.  
   As always, the more players the more fun for all so get on for NAQP SSB 
and join in the excitement of ring on a team! As always no matter what you 
intentions for the contest, your station, or where you live.  No matter what, if 
you'd like  to play on a team you are welcome to play with TCG". (of course, I 
changed it to SSB from RTTY) hi hi).
   Please take a few minutes in the next few weeks and see if you would be 
interested in playing with the TCG. I understand that the CW contest is first, 
and will be here before you know it. Scott, W4PA, is putting together the CW 
teams for the TCG and would love to sign you up also. His e-mail address is 
listed as W4PA at yahoo.com.
   If interested in the SSB portion, send me a e-mail at NY4N at aol.com, and 
also CC to TCG at k4ro.net. Also, try to figure how much time you can spend. An 
easier way to calculate you operating time might be to use the 1-10 system.
   Say, for example, if you can operate the entire 10 hours, your number 
would be 10. If you only had three hours to spare, your number would be a 3. Of 
course, It is just an estimate, and you are free to operate as much or as little 
as you wish. 
   Please understand, the TCG puts "having fun" and Improving skills as two 
of many objectives to its existence. Let me say now, you are most welcome to 
play with us, no matter how long you can spare or your location. I am looking 
forward to hearing from you.  73   NY4N   


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