[CQ-Contest] Recruiting women into contesting

Kenneth E. Harker kenharker at kenharker.com
Mon Jul 26 17:45:27 EDT 2004

     I have kept track in some of my recent phone contest operations 
of the number of QSOs I make with stations that are being operated by 
female voices.  I know that gender recognition through voice 
characteristics is imperfect, but nevertheless I am confident that 
women account for fewer than 2% of the contest QSOs I make on HF 

     I am sure that women account for more than 2% of licensed 
amateurs in the U.S. and most other countries.  I am sure that women 
account for more than 2% of the "active" amateurs.  Roughly 20% of 
the electrical engineering bachelors degrees granted in the United
States go to women.  12% of electrical engineering PhDs and 16% 
of computer science PhDs in the United States go to women.  There 
are plenty of technically-skilled and educated women quite capable 
of understanding the technical aspects of radio contesting, and 
lots of women of all ages are involved in other serious amateur 
sporting and competitive events.  But women seem to account for 
less than 2% of HF phone contest activity.

     How can we interest more women in radio contesting?

Kenneth E. Harker WM5R
kenharker at kenharker.com

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