[CQ-Contest] Recruiting women into contesting

Andrew Faber andrew.faber at gte.net
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 For ideas, you might contact Emily  Thiel, P43E, who has become quite
active on Aruba in the past few years.  She is building up a nice station
and really enjoys contesting (as well as running the P4 bureau).  She's
already a very good phone op and is working on improving her cw.  I can give
you her email if you like.
  73, Andy, AE6Y, P40Y
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> Competition is generally a male attribute.
> I convinced Judy, KA5PQD, to work a few stations with her
> (Novice forever) call during Field Day on 10 SSB on
> Saturday evening.
> She was not interested in CQing, and had never tuned
> in an SSB station, but (unaided) found 10 stations
> in her first hour (including a KP4 with an X in his
> suffix using Xylophone for his phonetic!).
> She also experimented with her own choice of phonetics,
> initially using Kappa Alpha Five Papa Quebec Delta, but
> soon reverted to Kilo Alpha when she realized that few
> hams knew their greek alphabet.
> After supper, she came back for 20 more Qs in her second hour; she
> was very satisfied that she had learned how to tune and work stations
> on SSB, but she had no interest in making any more Qs on Sunday.
> Barry, W5GN
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