[CQ-Contest] Recruiting women into contesting

David Thompson thompson at mindspring.com
Tue Jul 27 22:58:18 EDT 2004

I remember W5DRI who could work them with the best in the late 50's early
60's.  I also remember WA4HOM (Trey's mother), W5CME (Shirley)and carole
OH5SM so there have been good YL ops.  And I did not list the Dxers.

On Field Day I notice a good number of YL ops each year.  Andrea KG4IUM is
the hot shot of W4GR (she is the co-winner of the Hiram Percy maxim Award
this year).  WD5R runs a good show
in Arkansas.  Gail K2RED is managing Editor at CQ magazine.  So there are
some YL ops.  However
its my opinion that YLs (with at least a general Class License) contest in
about the same proportion as OM's in the USA.

The YL/OM Contest is almost dead.  I can remember when I could easily work
100 stations but last year I heard one station in two hours of listening.
Last time I entered I worked 15 station that placed me third in the OM
category.  At least 6 or 7 of them were just ragchewing and the most active
were Europe YL's.  I think losing coverage in CQ and QST caused the downfall
of this fine contest.

How many members of WWYC (young contesters) are YL's?   This would be the
leading indicator
of the status of YL contesting.

73 Dave K4JRB

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