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static and corona do not make 'metal glob's.  at worst the corona will
create ozone which can cause accelerated rusting or corrosion/pitting of
metals.  globs are formed by heat, as in lightning strikes.

> Pete,
> Here in Louisiana, N5AN, N5MEG, and NG5X all have them on their towers and
> swear by them, 100%.  Roy says that he was hit over 10 times prior to
> installing them (highest structure, manmade or natural) for some distance
> and hasn't taken a strike since.  Scott N5MEG worked for a tower company
> and
> swears by them.  He's installed his at the top most part of the tower,
> letting the mast pipe stick up way above the yagi.  He then runs heavy
> gauge
> "welding wire" all the way to ground from them.  Says he hasn't taken a
> strike since.   He also noted SEVERE damage to them after a good period of
> time being up.  Not from a direct hit, but from the constant dissipation
> of
> the charges.  Each finger in the ball was rounded at the end with a metal
> glob of itself.  Sounds to me like there's a good bit of static coming
> from
> it.
> Charlie
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> Since we are on the subject of lightning, has anyone ever used "spider
> balls" to dissipate energy thereby eliminating strikes on the structure?
> These are a steel rod with over 200 fine spiked elements about 2 ft. long
> each that create a cluster of very sharp spikes.
> Can you visualize this?  I have three spider balls and am considering
> installing one each about 40 feet up from the guy anchors on the steel
> guys
> that would be connected to the anchor rods.  The balance of the guy lines
> up
> to the top of the 120' tower are polyphaser cable, so are insulated.  I
> would install three copper ground grids at each guy point and link them
> together with underground copper cable.
> The other thought is to mount them on top of the 120' tower and put one
> ground grid under the tower.
> I'm looking for alternatives before the concrete gets poured in 2
> weeks....
> Pete
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