[CQ-Contest] Re: awesome double dipping, for dummies

Derrick Belbas ve4vv at shaw.ca
Sat May 1 12:49:41 EDT 2004

Hi.  When at that time it was convenient for me, I had an inverted V for
80m, and had the same question that you and thousands of us do.

My filthy, sloppy solution was to cut each half of the inv. V for a
different part of the band.  In that case, it actually worked okay; tuner
not required from 3500 to 3950.

Now, if I didn't have this row of HIGH voltage power lines about a km away,
spanning 1/4 of the horizon, I could probably finsish off that darn ole 80m
DXCC.  I may be wrong, but I understand that it's never been done from this
part of the Black Hole, and I have to find another 10 countries, or so,
which'll have to come from Europe, on the other side of that huge noisemaker
from that direction, for me.

Accepting offers on a barely-used MFJ-1026 Deluxe Noise Canceling Signal
Enhancer.  I've tried lots of stuff, but i just can't hear past that "wall
of sound".  Maybe I should schedule a winter vacation (for about four hours)
in Newfoundland, and just be done with it.

Sorry to have been a bit absent from the bands this season, but life's been
a little unaccommodating for me and contest weekends this time through.
Back to business this coming fall, though, ten metres or not (or even 15!).

Changing subject, I see amazon is now shipping Ward's "Dummies" book.  I
ordered one, but won't see it 'til I'm in the US next month (I get stuff
shipped to a friend in the US with whom I cross paths a few times each
year).  Really hoping that it'll be good "loaner" material for those who ask
what the heck is it that we do?  Regardless, thanks, Mr. Silver.  Good luck
with sales.



not my business.. but:
Hillary vs. Condi in '08.

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