[CQ-Contest] Keep The Scores Coming..

MRBILL1953 at aol.com MRBILL1953 at aol.com
Mon May 3 15:10:05 EDT 2004

Just a reminder to let you know that we're still looking for folks that  
participated in the recent TARA "Skirmish" to please post their scores as soon  as 
possible. We're very excited about this contest and we want to hear from as  
many of you as possible. 
Right now the biggest way you can help us out is by submitting your  Skirmish 
score, regardless of want the number of QSO's were. We've made this as  
simple and quick as possible and you need only go to: 
_http://n2ty.org/seasons/tara_dpx_score.html_ (http://n2ty.org/seasons/tara_dpx_score.html)  From  that 
webpage you can submit your score in a matter of minutes!  Now that's  EASY!!
Thanks Again...
Bill NY2U

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