[CQ-Contest] WriteLog FQP contest module

Georgek5kg at aol.com Georgek5kg at aol.com
Thu May 6 23:02:48 EDT 2004

We noticed in this year's running of the FQP that certain features of the 
Writelog FQP contest module could be improved.  Ron, K5DJ of WL fame has offered 
to make the changes.

I am volunteering to consolidate any changes from the FQP participants and 
work with K5DJ to test them.

If you have ideas about how the WL FQP module can be improved, please send 
them to me.  I will summarize all ideas with all who respond before they are 
presented to Ron.

Tnx & 73, Geo...K4KG/m in the FQP.

George Wagner, K5KG
941-312-9460 fax
941-400-1960 cell

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