[CQ-Contest] Re: CQ-Contest Digest, Vol 17, Issue 7

Charles.Morrison at apcc.com Charles.Morrison at apcc.com
Mon May 10 08:16:39 EDT 2004

      The first years of the ARRL Novemeber Sweepstakes did require
"written notification of entry" prior to
      the event. The rules required this so that the ARRL could send each
entrant their SS exchange by mail
      before the event. The exchange then was an entire "traffic-handling"

      Ref: CQ Amateur Radio Almanac 1994-1997

      The DARC uses QTC to help their log checking in WAE.
      Not sure of Scandiavians.

The reason these contests are so well known is because they have not
changed in the 70 to 80 years
they have been running .
      In this day and age, a contest sponsor could create a web-site that
you would actually log on to
thoughout the contest period. You would log your contacts to it in
real-time and it could generate it's own
random serial number for you to exchange.
      Let's get creative with new events rather than messing with the
well-established events.


Imagine the fun of explaining to "Joe Casual Contester" how you'd love to
work him but first he has to go and register with the ARRL or whoever so he
can get a "code" to send you.....especially on CW!
To make life more interesting, the contest could require that the exchange
send is the one you just copied in the previous QSO.  I think this is used
one of the Scandinavian contests. Not only does it make the exchange
unpredictable, but it is a wonderful log-checking tool.
zip code is a 5 digit number


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