[CQ-Contest] EURO 2004 DIPLOMA

CT1END-2004 ct1end-2004 at netcabo.pt
Fri May 14 14:51:56 EDT 2004

                                        EURO  2004  DIPLOMA

Contacts with Portuguese stations (Continental and Autonomic Regions of
Azores and Madeira)
                                  made between June 12 and July 4, 2004

REP - Rede dos Emissores Portugueses, IARU member, sponsors the EURO 2004
Diploma, as a way to commemorate the attribution by UEFA to PORTUGAL to
realize in our Country this important Championship.
By this way, we invite the all world around Hamradio and SWL to join us
making of this event a big party, participating actively on our Diploma.
The contacts for the Diploma are on all modes (PHONE (SSB), FM, CW, RTTY,
SATELLITE, ETC) and all HF, VHF and UHF Bands, taking in attention the IARU
rules for Region I

Classes:                Single Operators, Hamradio/SWL Associations and
Clubs with a legal Callsign.
Point:                   Contacts with Portuguese Stations with a standard
prefix, (CR, CS, CT or CU followed by only one digit) counts 1 point.
                            Contacts with Portuguese Stations with special
prefixes, (Continental: CQ14, CQ24, CQ44, CQ54; Azore: CU04, CU14, CU24,
CU34, CU44, CU54, CU64, CU74, CU84 and CU9; Madeira:  CS94), counts 3
                            Contacts with REP - Official EURO 2004 Station
with the special callsign CS2004REP, counts 5 points
                            Are valid any contact with any Portuguese
station, but contacts with the same station are only valid if made on
different band or mode, independent of the date.
Final score:          The sum of all the points of the valid contacts.
Awards:                Special Commemorative Diploma to all stations that
scores the following number of points:

                            Stations from PORTUGAL
125 points
                            Other stations from EUROPE
100 points
                            Stations from the rest of the World
                            50 points

Logs:                    The logs must be send postmarked no later then 1
October 2004, on any standard log sheet, with 2 IRCs or equivalent for all
EUROPE and 3 IRCs or equivalent for the Rest of the WORLD, to the address
shown below:

REP - Rede dos Emissores Portugueses
P.O.BOX 2483

73, Carlos Nora CT1END / CT0 1103
ct1end-2004 @ netcabo.pt
Portal DX em www.portal-dx.web.pt
Arquivo Histórico do Rádio Amador Português em http://ahrap.sytes.net
Serviço Comunicações Emergência por Rádio Amadores em

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