[CQ-Contest] Subjective equipment reviews ??

K3BU at aol.com K3BU at aol.com
Wed May 19 10:27:17 EDT 2004

In a message dated 5/19/04 8:26:20 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
Ken.Knopp at verizon.net writes:
>>Does this mean that since K3BU is going to design, manufacture and market 
the ultimate
DX, contest radio directed at the high end Amateur Radio D.X.-er, contester, 
and that now he will be competing against the best of the best of what the 
top Amateur
Radio manufactures have to offer ( Ten-Tec, Icon, Yeasu,etc.)  Does this mean 
the he will 
refrain from offering subjective reviews of his now competitors equipment ??

and to think that i was the one that gave the "challenge"

73  De K7ZUM
honored to be called a Ten-Tec "cult worshipper"  by Yuri !!!<<

Are you asking me, or someone else?
Did you mean objective reviews?

If you checked my web site and REVIEWS, ORION you would find the answer there 
and expression of gratitude for your comments to entice me to embark on the 
DR1 project. 
As I stated while back, there will be no more reviews of equipment by me, one 
of Orion was sufficient to realize the futility of trying to point out 
reality and areas for improvement. So enjoy glowing reviews by magazines and 
worshipin' whatever you chose and makes you happy (including "Icon" and "Yeasu" :-). 
I will enjoy challenges of designing my dream thing (and maybe someone else's 

www.computeradio.us, home of DR1

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