[CQ-Contest] LotW - Needs More Participation

Bill w5vx at hiline.net
Thu May 20 09:14:49 EDT 2004

>AA4LR put it very well:  it is a hassle to get the certificates
>to get started, but after that, it is VERY easy to upload
>your QSO's.

I agree that this system is a hassle to get going. Fortunately, even an old
non-computer literate like me was able to get it working with only two
e-mails to the support staff. I was really irritated at the ARRL for
dragging its heels on getting the "awards section" up and running. I think a
lot of the original enthusiasm was lost during that time. Now it is very
nice. But the volume of QSLs reported is still pretty low...mine is about
4%. I do have DXCC on 15 already and my last zone on 40 is on LOTW but no
card yet!

I have a proposition for some that want to help and are interested in
getting this thing going. We currently have something called QSL managers. I
think that a group such as this could be organized that will act the same
way for LOTW. There obviously some kinks. A person or group of persons that
are familiar with the system could volunteer to do the work to get logs from
DX stations on LOTW. They would need the paper license and the log of the DX
station in some kind of format that could be converted to adi or cabrillo.

Heck, I used to do log duping for a couple of DX stations, prior to computer
duping, for a couple of stations. This should be a lot easier than that.
Since anyone can upload the logs with the appropriate certificates, the ARRL
shouldn't mind. (I guess)

Let's make this work!

Bill, W5VX

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