[CQ-Contest] LotW - Needs More Participation

Jim Rhodes k0xu at iowadsl.net
Sat May 22 02:20:06 EDT 2004

I am sure the resistance does not stem from the fact that LOTW might cause 
a decrease in the flow of green stamps to some operators. But it could sure 
look like that to some of us.

At 08:56 PM 5/21/04, Art RX9TX wrote:
>  Hello Igor,
>  Friday, May 21, 2004 Igor Sokolov wrote to Art RX9TX:
>IS> Those who need my cards can get them . The complete info is on QRZ.com
>I hate handling paper cards after trying advantages of LoTW submission
>to  the  ARRL  awards.  I  hate printing the cards, sending, checking,
>sorting and sending to the ARRL. So I do not need your paper card.
>IS> As  for  your  request  just DIY. Upload your log for the previous
>IS> contest and check for confirmations. Then never work those who did
>IS> not  do  it your way. That way you will increase the popularity of
>IS> the LOTW to a great extend.
>Actuaally I do not think LoTW needs any popularizataion except list of
>supported  awards  extension. So lets leave it as is. "The summer will
>come", with or without your logs.
>IS> 73, Igor UA9CDC
>  73...Art RX9TX          22-May-04 01:52 UTC
>  "Ten people who speak make more noise than ten thousand who are 
> silent."    (Napolean Bonaparte)
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