[CQ-Contest] Re: Contest Trainer

Ford Peterson ford at cmgate.com
Sun May 23 23:15:06 EDT 2004

G4FON does a nifty trainer.  I was working with him on getting it to be a Writelog simulator.  It works pretty good.  You can specify how many people can call you all at once--up to 8 all at once as I recall (4 is about my limit).  You specify the range of speeds they call you at.  You specify the type of contest.  You can even add QRM and QSB to the mix.  Pretty realistic actually.  If you get a partial, just send what you got and that guy (plus some QRM usually) will call you again.  Great fun too.  Crank the heck out of the speed until your rate drops -- that's your maximum.  It keeps score for you, tells you your mistakes and docs you on the spot.  Kinda like a real time LCR reporter.

Just do a search on his callsign.  Or click here ...  http://www.g4fon.co.uk/

Tell Ray hello for me.  

ford at cmgate.com

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