[CQ-Contest] Question for Experienced SO2R Ops

Scott R. w4pa at yahoo.com
Mon May 31 22:55:02 EDT 2004

K5TR wrote:
>For me the radios are interchangeable.  As a result I have the station
>setup with that in mind.

>- Radios are equal or the same.
>- Amps both put out the same amount of power.
>- All the antennas can be switched to either radio.
>- Receive antennas can be switched to either radio or both.

>I do not favor one radio over the other in my mind either
>I just run or S&P as the contest/band conditions require.

Yes - without restarting the debate on what the best setup for SO2R is,
having two radios of equal performance is a good element of an ideal
operating console.

Even better is two good HF rigs that are the same model.  If you have
those into two amps of equal power and can get any antenna to either
radio quickly a bunch of those mental cycles can be used for operating
rather than thinking about equipment.  

Echoing K6LL: shameless plug here for WXOB's SixPak antenna switching
box, which was the best $400 K4JNY ever spent on the station at his
place.  Turn a knob, any antenna is on either radio.  No thinking
involved.  Great piece of gear.

My radios are equal - two of the same model, into two amps that are
approximately the same power, antennas switched by band by the SixPak,
so any radio can be either run or S/P immediately as needed.  Makes
those band changes sometimes not a change of anything.  Run on 15, S/P
20, want to switch them?  Hit Alt-R on TR-Log and now I am running on
20 and S/P on 15.  Most antenna switching, fooling with rigs, tuning
amps are eliminated unless I go to a different band - and even then
it's only changing the band on the rig, a fast knob turn on the amp and
clicking the SixPak.  What a time saver.  And that's what contesting
is: an efficiency study. 

Scott W4PA

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