[CQ-Contest] A song for the CW Sprint

W0UN -- John Brosnahan shr at swtexas.net
Thu Sep 2 09:53:20 EDT 2004

Surprisingly, there is a web page with a number of CW references.


But I can't attest to its accuracy since the one artist that
I am most familiar with has some errors and is dated.

 >Case in point, on Joe Walsh's latest solo album "Songs for a Dying Planet"
 >is a song titled "Vote For Me". The song is preceded with Morse code which
 >pounds out "REGISTER AND VOTE FOR ME AR". Brian, KF2HC, states that
 >the same message appears on Joe's first album "Barnstorm" in a song titled
 >"Mother". Joe holds an Advanced class Amateur license.

Dated because Joe has had a Extra since 2001.  When he heard
the CW requirement was being reduced to 5 WPM he went out and
got his Extra at the then-current 20 WPM requirement.

And actually the code on the Barnstorm album only sends "REGISTER
AND VOTE" and does not contain the "FOR ME AR" as stated above.
Plus it appears on the Giant Behemoth track if I recall correctly rather
than the one stated.

In any case--the above web site has quite a few references to songs with
CW content.

--John  WØUN

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