[CQ-Contest] Antenna Testing Help - W6 & W7 - Wednesday 7:00 PM PST

Dan Levin djl at andlev.com
Wed Sep 8 01:00:07 EDT 2004

With a bit of luck, I will install a new 40 meter antenna tomorrow that is
intended to improve my signal up and down the west coast.  My station is
located about 150 miles north of San Francisco, and my 2 element yagi does a
decent job to the east but a lousy job (I think) to W6 and W7.


If you have a spare minute around 7:00 pm tomorrow evening, please drop by
7.175 +- QRM and give me a quick report.  I'm especially interested in
reports from the San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland and Seattle


Thanks much!


                                    ***dan, K6IF

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