[CQ-Contest] CQWW question

John Geiger johngeig at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 9 19:28:09 EDT 2004

I recently saw the latest issue of CQ (I no longer
subscribe due to their views on the CW requirement),
and the rules for the CQWW contest were listed.  It
says that all amateur frequencies between 1.8mhz and
30mhz may be used, excluding the WARC bands.  Doesn't
that wording allow me to make contest QSOs on 60
meters during the CQWW Phone contest, since it isn't a
WARC band?  Seems like it would be good for a few
extra multipliers.  Maybe I could even enter single
band-60 meters.  Might win the entire world in that

73s John NE0P

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