[CQ-Contest] Last Minute Forecast (CQ Magazine) Updates (and more)

NW7US, Tomas nw7us at hfradio.org
Sat Sep 25 14:50:17 EDT 2004

The CQ WW SSB contest is coming up.  For those who use the CQ Magazine  
Propagation Column "Last Minute Forecast" to help plan your operation, you  
might be interested in the "live" version of that table.  I am the CQ  
Magazine Propagation Column Editor, and have a live version of the LMF at  

The NW7US HFRadio.org Propagation Center ( http://prop.hfradio.org/ )  
which features a collection of live space weather and radio propagation  
data, as well as commentary by NW7US, graphics, and so forth, has been  
updated with a new layout.  The data has been "load balanced" between  
several pages.

Specific data that is of interest:

1.  CQ Magazine "Last-Minute Forecast" table is updated daily - for those  
who follow my column in CQ Magazine, you will know that the "Last Minute  
Forecast" is used with the published propagation tables.  Use the latest  
table for DX scheduling, etc.

2.  Optimal Working Frequencies and predicted Smoothed Sunspots and  
10.7-cm Flux tables are updated on a regular basis.

3.  Discussion forum for a wide topical range - from Propagation to  
Shortwave Listening, NVIS, and more ( http://hfradio.org/forums/ ).

4.  All of the major data is syndicated via RSS (XML RSS version 2.0)  
( http://hfradio.org/propsupport/prop.rss ).

5.  Same information, plus SWL BCL database search, DX spots, Callsign  
Lookup via WAP/WML ( http://wap.hfradio.org ).

6.  Propagation and Space Weather e-Alert service (as used by the troops  
in the Middle East Theater, pigeon racers, and DXers alike)  
( http://prop.hfradio.org/ealert/ ).

There will be additional updates and changes in the next several weeks.   
Also, I am fund-raising for a new server.  I am working out a very good  
deal for a new 1U rack-mount server to host the propagation center.  This  
will be a helpful upgrade, which is much needed.  The cost of upgrading  
and the monthly costs are mostly coming out of my own pocket.  Donations  
 from patrons is greatly appreciated.

73 de Tomas, NW7US (AARØJA/AAAØWA)

: Propagation Editor for CQ, CQ VHF, and Popular Communications :
: Quarterly Propagation Columnist for Monitoring Times Magazine :
: Creator of live propagation center - http://prop.hfradio.org/ :
: Member, US Army Miltary Affiliate Radio Service (MARS) AARØJA :
: 122.93W 47.67N / Brinnon, Washington USA - CN87 - CW/SSB/DIGI :
: Website, software, database design - http://newwebmakers.com/ :
: Washington State Army MARS, State Army MARS Director - AAAØWA :
: 1Øx56526, FISTS 7Ø55, FISTS NW 57,  AR Lighthouse Society 144 :

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