[CQ-Contest] Fists Coast to Coast contest!

Paul Beringer fistsc2c at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 26 19:09:19 EDT 2004

Attention all radio amateurs,
It's just one month away. The 4th annual Fists Coast to Coast contest. This
year its scheduled for October 24th from 0000Z to 2400Z. That's 24 hours of
Fists fun waiting for you. Contact as many Fists club stations on as many
bands as possible. This year we have 2 new catagories. QRP and mobile. Full
rules are at http://www.tomochka.com/k7fff/fnw_c2c04.html. Club stations
please register by sending an e-mail to fistsc2c at yahoo.com. All radio
amateurs are invited to participate. Last year there were 56 club stations
participating and nearly 200 logs received.

Paul Beringer
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