[CQ-Contest] It is time! CQP a cometh

Ny4n at aol.com Ny4n at aol.com
Mon Sep 27 13:37:37 EDT 2004

   Ok, it is just a few days till the California QSO Party. As you know, the 
TCG was taken the first two out-of-state plaques for the highest scoring Club 
total. I will tell you that several groups and clubs are wanting to claim the 
prize this year. The competition is going to be fierce!
   What I would like to do is get a feel who all is going to play, and get 
those who don't ordinarily play in contests, to get on and make a few Q's. 
Please send me a e-mail with your intentions and how much time you can spare, and I 
will keep a list and post on the reflector. You can also post to the 
reflector directly, if you wish.
   If you don't mind, check your schedule and see if you can make some time 
for the contest. There is plenty of activity on CW and SSB. I believe the 
ARRL's Simulated Emergency Test is the same weekend, along with other things, so 
your time may be limited. Any part you can play will be appreciated.
   A good way to get local Clubs involved is by using a Simulated Emergency 
Test out of State. For example, have a drill, California has had some type of 
natural disaster, (just a drill, no bad luck to our friends in California), and 
all counties will be on the air this weekend passing short bursts of traffic 
( the contest exchange). This exercise will test the ability of your Club to 
obtain information (traffic) from a disaster zone across country, such as 
Health and Welfare traffic. See how many California counties you can make contact 
with in the mock test of emergency communications.
   This is an invitation to all hams, whether you live in Tennessee or not, 
to join the TCG in the California QSO Party and keep the trophy with us, a 
three-peat! Here is a site where you can get all the needed information. GL and 
will be looking to hear from you.
Jeff  NY4N  


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