[CQ-Contest] Robots

Don Cassel doncassel at rogers.com
Mon Sep 27 21:45:11 EDT 2004

Not disagreeing with your comments on Cabrillo robots and I too appreciate
the volunteers who make the software work. For myself, it seems that when a
problem is repetitive year after year then there is clear room for
improvement. Most contests have relatively few categories and with a few
instrings and parses surely the software can make sense of a category. 
Having said that I commend the developers for creating clear error messages
that usually identify where the problem lies and makes it easy to correct.
Finally, contest logging software developers also need to be sure that the
Cabrillo files they create are consistent with the needs of the contest
organizer. There is clearly some disconnect here. I use Writelog (so you're
off the hook) and it has created the superflous RTTY entry in the category
line. So maybe Writelog should be taking some of the heat.

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