[CQ-Contest] CQ WPX Contest Awards

Daniel"Danny" Horvat T93M t93m at t93m.com
Fri Apr 1 00:21:15 EST 2005

Here are few thing to think about.

We all like contests and also like to be awarded  for our efforts. To 
some it' s just another trophy hanging on the wall but to some "small 
pistols" that piece of wood can mean a world.
Trophy for at least all single band LP/HP entries would spike interest 
in contesting as well as competition.
WPX contest has very limited number of trophy donors and that has to be 
better even though almost everyone favor CQWW contest. Ever since I won 
one i felt obligation to donate one.
Now how to do it?
I asked same question and was directed to cqwpx.com to contact contest 
director, currently  Steve, K6AW.  I did it last year and was told that 
since he just took over from N8BJQ I  should contact him latter.  Well , 
I did send 4 emails in past 3 moths to all email addresses listed on 
official WPX website as well as QRZ.com and address found in archive of 
Contesting.com. Last one I also forwarded to N8BJQ who promptly 
responded explaining me that Steve travels a lot and he is probably on  
HC8 for ARRL contest  and probably as soon as he comes back I will get 

I guess Steve receives a lot of  emails and probably overlooked all four 
of mine. How many others?  Do not get me wrong, I am not saying that 
Steve does bad job as contest director but only that in today world it 
is easy to organize simple stuff  like web site with all informations 

I am sure that all of you will agree that with simple web site and 
mail-form to apply for sponsorship will make contests more popular.
As well with help of PAYPAL donors can pay for one without even 
contacting the contest director.

I am willing to help, If  I do not know how then certainly can find 
someone who does.

73 Danny, T93M

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