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What day is this?  April 1st?  73

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> This just popped up on the YCCC reflector. Anybody else got this 
> confirmed?
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> Hi All,
> A friend of mine who is an editor over at QST forwarded this to me.  Has
> anyone else seen this?
> Best,
> Brian, N1IK
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> AARA Founder Glen Baxter to Join ARRL As Third Vice President
> NEWINGTON, Conn., April 1, 2005 - The American Radio Relay League (ARRL)
> announced today that it will acquire the American Amateur Radio 
> Association
> (AARA), a leading provider of Amateur Information Bulletin Services.  The
> deal unites the two most prominent Amateur Radio organizations in the 
> United
> States.  Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.
> "The acquisition of AARA complements ARRL's already extensive offerings to
> include up-to-the-minute information and interactive discussion on what is
> happening in the world of Amateur Radio," said Jim Haynie, W5JBP, 
> president
> of ARRL.  "Together, we will be more effective in taking on some of the
> challenges facing Amateur Radio, such as BPL and Spectrum Defense.  This
> brings us one step closer to being the national membership association for
> Amateur Radio operators."
> The acquisition also brings the strong leadership skills of Glenn Baxter,
> K1MAN, to the ARRL organization.  Baxter has been named ARRL Third Vice
> President in the move.  "Mr. Baxter is a welcome addition to our 
> management
> team here at ARRL," said David Sumner, K1ZZ, and ARRL Chief Executive
> Officer.  "I look forward to his fresh perspectives and enthusiastic
> approach to running a service organization like the ARRL."
> "Water under the bridge," said Glenn Baxter of AARA about past frictions
> between the two organizations. "Today marks a new beginning for all of us.
> We're in this together now." Plans for collocating Mr. Baxter and Mr. 
> Sumner
> in adjoining offices at ARRL headquarters are currently underway.
> In an official statement, Mr. Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH, FCC Legal 
> Advisor
> for Enforcement added, "Over the years, Glenn and I have become very 
> close.
> I look forward to continuing our professional relationship as he assumes 
> his
> new position."
> In an effort to accelerate the shift to its new on-the-air image, ARRL has
> already filed the paperwork necessary to make W1MAN the official call sign
> of the combined organization.  Joe Carcia, NJ1Q, ARRL station manager was
> thrilled with the change, saying, "What a creative way to reflect our
> traditional roots while also letting our bold, new face shine through!"
> Broadcast operations at the facilities of ex-W1AW will be shutdown
> immediately.  AARA's state-of-the-art studios in Belgrade Lakes, ME will
> become the new source of all ARRL transmissions.
> Amateur Radio insiders applauded the move.  "These are interesting times 
> for
> Amateur Radio," said Gordon West, WB6NOA.  "I sense a likely shift in the
> ARRL views on many areas of the service.  I think we'll be feeling the
> positive impact of this merger for years to come."
> "This is big . . . really big," said Joe Walsh, WB6ACU, lead guitar player
> for the Eagles. It's exactly the kind of thing that will send our ticket
> sales through the roof.  With Glenn on vocals, and Sumner on drums . . .
> this tour season will be our best since '73"
> Audio aficionado and Amateur Radio entrepreneur Bob Heil, K9EID, also
> supported the move.  "This is a good thing for Heil, and it's about time
> these guys got together", said Mr. Heil.  "We are already working on a
> special commemorative W1MAN microphone to honor the event."
> ARRL was founded in May 1914 by Percy Maxim, a leading Hartford,
> Connecticut, inventor and industrialist. Today ARRL, with approximately
> 152,000 members, is the largest not-for-profit organization of radio
> amateurs in the United States.
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> http://www.arrl.org
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