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Ted Bryant w4nz at comcast.net
Mon Apr 4 22:34:11 EDT 2005

I think Bill,AA4LR is thinking in the right direction re: the FCC. (don't
think I agree any mode anywhere, though.)

Geographical advantages are one thing, and they undeniably exist, but not
having access to all the available frequencies is entirely a different
matter, IMHO.  Before we try to level the playing field, how about letting
everyone have access to the WHOLE playing field?

Exactly why is it now we have to have "US" and "foreign" phone sub-bands? We
seem to co-exist rather well on cw.

73,Ted W4NZ

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|> Or just state in the rules that all QSOs must take
|> place above 14.150, 21.200, etc.
|> .............and especially, above 7150.  We in the US are at a real
|> disadvantage on that one.
|What we really need is to amend the FCC rules so that any mode is
|allowed anywhere, just as it is in virtually every other part of the
|world. This would completely eliminate the Canadian advantage.
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