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Michael Tope W4EF at dellroy.com
Mon Apr 4 23:38:23 EDT 2005

Bob, no matter how much you implore us to accept the
validity of your arguments, you are just not going to garner
any sympathy from anyone west of Mississippi on this
one. I suspect I am not alone in saying - "Ha Ha - how does
it feel?" or "Get over it".  Besides, please tell me which
section(s) of the contest rules specifies a different set of
instructions for W's vs. VE's:


You won't find any. Everywhere it refers to W/VE. The
rules are the same. VE's operating below 14.150 or
21.200 MHz are just exploiting a geographical advantage
peculiar to their area just as you exploit your geographical
advantage when you run Euro's all night on 80 meters.
U.S. general class operators can't go below 14.225 MHz.
By your logic, we would have to create a separate
category for them, because extra's and general's aren't
governed by the same "rules".

Bob, you are without a doubt one of the most successful
DX contesters alive today. You have demonstrated time
and time again that you have the right stuff to place high
in the top-ten box. I suggest you take N9RV's advice,
suck it up, and then figure out how to beat VY2ZM. After
all there is no "rule" that says you can't build a station in
Canada, just as there is no rule that says I can't move to
New England :)

Contests aren't fair. Live by the Sword - Die by the Sword.

73 de Mike, W4EF/6.............................................

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> Hi Paul,
> I guess that I did not make myself clear....
> I am NOT suggesting that VE's stop giving their Section.
> I know that one of the things that give the ARRLDX contest
> its Worldwide appeal is the fact that US and Canadian stations
> give Sections.  I think that is fine and should continue.
> My point is that US and VE stations should count as
> separate countries for scoring and awards purposes.
> US should compete with US and VE's with VE's.  Just the
> same way DL's compete with DL's and G's with G's!
> To do otherwise, is, IMO, completely illogical and
> grossly unfair to the US stations.  It really does not matter
> whether a US or VE stations wins in a given year, what matters
> is that we compare "like to like".  Working below 14.150 or
> 21.200 at will, is NOT the same as having to rub elbows
> with everyone else above it.
> We have separate categories for QRP, LP and HP, and
> for SO vs. M/S, or M/2, or M/M, and Novice vs. Non-novice, etc.
> and these are good things!  Likewise, we should have two
> separate listings (categories) for TWO SEPARATE COUNTRIES with
> two different sets of frequency allocations.  Everything else
> can stay the same.
> 73
> Bob KQ2M

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