[CQ-Contest] Reply to: Comparing Apples to Basketballs - Let's changethe ARRLDX Contest Rules

John Geiger johngeig at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 5 09:44:25 EDT 2005

--- Michael Tope <W4EF at dellroy.com> wrote:
>> U.S. general class operators can't go below 14.225
> MHz.
> By your logic, we would have to create a separate
> category for them, because extra's and general's
> aren't
> governed by the same "rules".

CQ Magazine does have special entry categories for
band restricted licenses.

73s John NE0P

John Geiger
Associate Professor of Psychology, Cameron University

Ham Call NE0P, active 160m-70cm

Radios: Kenwood TS2000 (HF/6/2/70cm), Kenwood TS60 (6M base and mobile work), Yaesu VX7R 6m/2m/222mhz/70cm)

Antennas: 2 element Mini Quad, Cushcraft A14810S, Cushcraft 719B Homebrew G5RV

3 VUCCs on 50mhz: from EN41, EN51, EM04, #1014, #1015, #1290
2 meter VUCC #615
Satellite VUCC #129
County Hunters award (500): #3301, all 6 meters

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