[CQ-Contest] WRTC web site

Steve London n2ic at arrl.net
Tue Apr 5 13:57:14 EDT 2005

It would also be really nice if the WRTC 2006 web site would show some 
consideration for those of us who are stuck with slow, dial-up connections by 
not including frivolous pictures, movies, sounds, Javascript, and graphics.

Steve, N2IC/5

Simon Pearson wrote:
> Hi Kenneth,
>>     When I visit the WRTC 2006 web site, all I see is a blank white
>>browser window:
> This problem is not unique to you Ken, it would seem.
> I am a Firefox user, and I too get the blank white browser window. 
> Actually, if you right-click anywhere in the window, you should see 
> a drop-down menu which says 'movie not loaded'. So it seems to be 
> the case that Firefox is _trying_ to load the Flash movie, but 
> cannot locate it, or something along those lines.
> However, if I then fire-up Microsoft Internet Exploder, and visit 
> the WRTC2006 website, the Flash movie loads without a problem! :-/
> So it seems, currently, the WRTC2006 website is aimed at 
> single-platform, single-browser users. I hope this situation changes 
> soon.
> 73,

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