[CQ-Contest] Barking Up the Wrong ARRL DX Tree

W0uo@cs.com W0uo at cs.com
Tue Apr 5 10:19:46 EDT 2005

How interesting:

KQ2M, a guy who enjoys almost all the advantages possible for an ARRL DX Test is complaining because someone else has one he doesn't. 

East coasters, in general, deflect mention of this by pointing out that in other contests, other locations have advantages they don't.

All seem to understand that a location with a salt water path to europe which does not pass through the aurora oval is a distinct advantage, and that a similar path to JA, which was, at one time, an off setting advantage, no longer exists.

All seem to understand that the playing field isn't level.

I'm sure all contesters not located north of the mason dixon lne and east of the Alleghenies seek out and exploit whatever natural advantage they can find.

At least one respondent has been able to differentiate between contests rules and the contest writeup.

Most of us understand there are conditions (aurora, solar flux) which either increase or decrease the advantage already held by stations in the NE.

Yet, we can't seem to find a way to recognize contest efforts of merit that take place outside the northeast.  Amazing.

73 de Jim
W0UO/5 (a better place that W0)

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