[CQ-Contest] Contest Inequities

N4XM Paul D. Schrader n4xm at iglou.com
Wed Apr 6 14:34:28 EDT 2005

I agree with BOB on the IARU contest.  I used to love it until they ruined
it.  I have 16 old award certificates on the wall.


Paul  N4XM

At 03:50 PM 4/6/2005 GMT, you wrote:
>Ahh, IARU (or whatever it is called this decade...)
>Once among the fairest of contests: everyone works everyone, a rudimentary
distance-based scoring technique (1, 3, 5 points), and relatively equal
zone multipliers. Just about perfect!
>Then some bright guy comes up with those $%^&* "IARU HQ" mults. This
effectively re-introduced country multipliers and disenfranchised all not
located along the Atlantic coasline. 
>This problem may be easily reversed as well: either eliminate those
foolishly conceived "HQ" stations or simply make them worth, say, 15 points
each QSO (instead of 1 point)--but no mult. At worst, score one HQ mult per
society (instead of once per society per band). Instantly, fairness is
improved significantly.
>73 de Bob, K6XX
>For the record, my experience in this matter includes entering most of
these July contests by whatever name they went by and whatever callsign I
had since they began (if we discount the "Bicentennial Celebration" in
1976, which wasn't quite the same, and start counting in 1980 anyway),
including one from Europe (/S5 in 2000). There I found that 100W to a
random wire from a hotel balcony in Slovenia was sufficient to work nearly
as many total mults as could be found with a kW and Yagis from W6, due to
the obscene number of European "HQ" stations worked on 160m through 10m.
That is not a reasonable effort/result ratio!
>I'll try to stop whining now... but this has been building up inside me
for years, getting worse month by month as my station grows but my ranking
slides. Those absolutely insane remarks about the 160m contests being
relatively "fair" pushed me over the edge!
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