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Tonno Vahk tonno.vahk at mail.ee
Thu Apr 7 09:01:08 EDT 2005

I did get an email yesterday from Steve with my 2004 SSB UBN! Jukka, OH6LI, 
was kind to forward my enquiries to Steve via Nokia internal email system. 
There seems to have been a problem with email forwarding from Steve's cqww 

Anyway, he also promised to get me UBN-s from previous years from BJQ.

I was glad to get much clearer understanding about log checking procedure 
from the UBN. It looked nicely done and thorough. They use software by WT4I 
I guess.

1. You lose QSOs where you copied serial number wrong. You don't lose when 
the other station copied wrong.
2. You don't lose Uniques or even Uniques with Alternatives (possible 
mistakes) automatically.
3. You lose Uniques that have been verified as wrong by cross-checking
4. You loose NILs (no chance of getting away when only 1 symbol wrong like 
CQWW I guess)

They do show you all the uniques, bads, nils, etc. QSOs with details and 
mistakes. Very nice!

Out of 2 695 QSOs I had 57 unmatched numbers and 15 NILs. So lost those 
QSOs. Had 18 Uniques and 21 Uniques with Alternatives and did not loose 

So I wish Steve strength do carry on and I am sure it is possible to get 
things well in track.

cu in wpx cw

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> A couple of people have posted complaints about the administration of the 
> CQ WPX contest in the last few days.    How about holding them for another 
> week or two until K6AW gets home from his trip to FT5XO and has a chance 
> to catch up with his e-mail?   The DXpedition team is still on the boat 
> and a few days from arriving in VK6.    You may not realize how few 
> volunteers really do the work behind the scenes of almost all  contests...
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