[CQ-Contest] How about ditching ARRL DX top 10 completely?

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Fri Apr 8 13:21:53 EDT 2005

My mistake.  I had printed the results off of the web site to bring with me
to Aruba and I was looking at that when I made my post yesterday.  My
printed article does say From October 2004 QST on every page and it clearly
shows the score for each section and country.  I just checked my October QST
Magazine and the detailed reports are indeed missing.  It is sad to see that
the ARRL is severely chopping the results from the magazine and only showing
the top stations.

John KK9A

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If only this was still true!

Unfortunately, the editorial policy of QST regarding contest reporting has
changed significantly. The biggest entry incentives for newer ops (and many
of us who have no chance of winning any award)--seeing your callsign in
genuine print--is no longer there.

Relegating the scores to the web site is a poor second choice. Sure, the
capabilities of web searching and comparison is great, but it completely
lacks the appeal of ole' fashion "genuine print". We should have BOTH.

73 de Bob, K6XX

-- <kk9a at arrl.net> wrote:
Yes there is a detailed list in QST Magazine separately showing each
however this also shows each U.S. section so anyone can already see how they
scored against others in their area.

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