[CQ-Contest] Canada versus USA

Kelly Taylor ve4xt at mts.net
Fri Apr 8 20:12:11 EDT 2005

There's no point in Canadians exploiting the phone allocation advantage on
40. All the S&P DX is by and large only listening above 7150 (for Americans
listening 7040-7100), so CQs in 7050-7100 are pretty fruitless. About the
only DX you'll work there is the odd station looking for a TX frequency.

Split CQs in 7050-7100 pay off big in WPX, not so well in WW (although we do
get more DX listening there in that contest).

The sentiment that contesting interest is poor in Canada is pure horse
puckey. As Tom noted, our rates are equal to those in the US, if not a tad

73, kelly
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> Jeff KU8E wrote:
> >It is because the interest in contesting is poor in Canada. If
> >someone built a big station in eastern Canada they would do pretty
> >well.   Case in point - VY2ZM.  Also look at VE1JF.....
> That's at least equally true in 40M SSB DXing, perhaps more so. A
> large number of U.S. stations hear all that rare stuff operating
> transceive below 7100 - and there are few Canadian DXers who seem to
> know or care. What a waste of a band!
> John, NT5C.
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