[CQ-Contest] CHQP = Contesting Equality?

Eric Hilding dx35 at hilding.com
Sat Apr 9 11:52:40 EDT 2005

Does the CHQP ("Coat Hanger QSO Party") offer more Contesting 
Equality?  Let's see...

Here is my initial draft, inspired by the CQ-CONTEST threads and other 
reflector discussions.  The easiest approach was to hack-up the Georgia QSO 
Party Rules format (which I was reading this morning with admiration).


To provide a non-whining contest challenge/opportunity with (almost) "level 
playing field" parameters, which also retains a few elements of an "Honor 
System".  The objective is for USA and VE amateurs of all ages to 
strut-their-stuff in a "friendly" competition.  A Non-USA/VE version of the 
CHQP may follow.

To be determined, and to (hopefully) NOT conflict with any other 
established contest.

* SINGLE OPERATOR, WV ("Witness Verification") - Only one person shall be 
permitted to operate and perform logging functions.  Spotting nets, packet 
resources or additional operator assistance is prohibited.  Each entrant's 
activity shall be monitored by an Age 21 or over witness, who shall provide 
an accredited Polygraph based, notarized statement, that the contest 
entrant adhered to all of the rules.

It is prohibited to operate more than one radio at any time during the CHQP 
(since many entrants only own one radio).

Only one antenna is permitted to be used in the CHQP, which is a typical 
Dry Cleaners issue COAT HANGER not to exceed 44 inches in length, and no 
more than 1/8 inch in diameter.  Copper wire and loading coils are NOT 
permitted.  A maximum of two radials can be utilized, if desired, and may 
be "zig-zagged" if there is insufficient space to run them out in a 
straight line.  The base of the COAT HANGER antenna shall not be more than 
8 feet above ground.

The use of an antenna tuner is highly recommended in the CHQP!!!

There is one power output category of exactly 100 watts plus or minus 
5%.  (NOTE: QRPers need to get a small amp, or get  life).  200W FT-1000 
and other rigs must be cranked down to 100W.

There is one mode which is CW (Sorry, but "Silly Sideband" only operators 
need to learn the code to enter this contest).

All operators shall send CW by hand, computer logging software or external 
CW keyer device, at a speed not less than 25WPM and not more than 35WPM.

No bogus signal reports are allowed in the CHQP.  The Universal exchange to 
be sent by all operators shall be:  CHQP4ME and QSO Serial 
Number.  Absolutely NO "cut numbers" (including alpha characters) are 
allowed in this contest.

Each bona fide two-way, non-duplicate QSO is worth 100,000 points.  (NOTE: 
This is an incentive for LPCS ("Little Pistol Contest Operators") to join 
in and experience the thrill of being able to see a bigger score than they 
probably ever have in their lives before!).

There are absolutely no multipliers in this contest.

This is very easy to calculate.  Simply multiply the Total Non-Dupe QSOs by 
100,000 points for each QSO.

This is NOT very easy to calculate, and will need to be done by 
sophisticated computer algorithms based upon the following adjustment 
factors to insure the highest degree of "Equality":

1. USA or VE station adjustment factor
2. USA State or VE Province adjustment factor
3. Callsign Length adjustment factor
4. Ground Conductivity adjustment factor
5. Ground Elevation adjustment factor
6. HFTA Program adjustment factor (based upon a 3el yagi at 40ft above 
ground calculated from the precise Latitude and Longitude coordinates of 
the COAT HANGER antenna installation).  This adjustment factor will be 
weighted in 1 degree increments.
7. Time Zone & possible "Sunrise/Sunset" adjustment factor
8. Distance to or from a Universal "Reference Location" adjustment factor 
(most likely the Greenwich Meridian and Equator).
9. Any other adjustment factor deemed necessary to ensure the highest 
degree of "Equality".

All contacts will be made within 30Khz of ONE frequency on ONE band (to be 

A unique approach to Club Competition will require each CHQP Club to be 
comprised of at least and only one operator/station from each of the USA 
Call Areas and one operator/station from each of the VE Call Areas.

All logs must be submitted in the Cabrillo format to:  chqplogs at k6vva.com 
(with notarized Witness Verification statements to an address yet to be 
determined within ten (10) days after the contest ends).  A final decision 
has not yet been made as to possibly requiring digital recordings of the 
full contest by each entrant for purposes of code speed and other rules 

To be determined, but the current line of thinking is to provide an 
opportunity for everyone to win something.

The official CHQP Rules may be posted at:  http://www.k6vva.com/chqp and 
are subject to change.

Most importantly, have some fun in the CHQP!!!


Rick, K6VVA

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