[CQ-Contest] WRTC 2006 and Writelog

Igor Sokolov ua9cdc at r66.ru
Mon Apr 11 03:14:23 EDT 2005

>We still are no closer to understanding the problem with the Cabrillo
>specification for IARU & WRTC 2006 - though IMHO we would be much
>better off with addressing this bigger issue.  As an example, the
>specification contains the words "proposal" & is at version 2.0 - yet my
>logging program seems to think it generates version 2.3... so it appears
>versions of the specification >2.0 are a secret.  How is the participant to
>comply & in case of conflict, what to do?

>73, VR2BrettGraham

I wonder if some of you know about Cabrillo V3. It has been there on the
site for more then one year now but there are no links to this page from
anywhere. Therefore it is impossible to find.
Here it is http://www.kkn.net/~trey/cabrillo_v3/
As you see it is still in "Proposed" state. It has been like that since Feb
2004 and I was hoping for it to be implemented for this year RDXC but it did
not happen. I just wonder who has the power to turn "Proposed"  into
"Accepted"? If this person is Trey then  can somebody get in touch with him
please He is next to impossible to reach  for me.

73, Igor UA9CDC

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