[CQ-Contest] Let's change the ARRLDX rules

Nathan Moreschi n4ydu at worldnet.att.net
Mon Apr 11 19:22:39 EDT 2005

What happened to being content with participating and reaching personal
goals? This reminds me of sad youth sports situation when everyone gets a
trophy. I'm opposed to watering awards down. The categories are fine as they
are in my opinion. I want a trophy to mean something when I win it.


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> I don't know that I favor a three band category for ARRL DX Contests.  I
> like to encourage operating even on marginal bands, so I would probably
> prefer only an all band category.  An all band or a single band
> alternative like ARRL has now is OK.  It seems to work well for ARRL and
> CQ Contests.
> However, the SP DX Contest, run the first weekend in April each year,
> implemented for the first time this year a Three Band category.  It is
> mixed mode only in this contest, which can otherwise be entered CW,
> Phone, or Mixed.  The experience of the sponsors of that contest could
> tell us something about how that rule change was received.  However, it
> is likely that not everyone noticed the change.  For example, SOTB was
> not a category that could be chosen on the 3830 reporting page.  I
> entered SOTB this year simply because I made contacts only on 15, 20,
> and 40.  If I could have made (even one) QSO on 80 or 10, it would have
> been back to my favorite category, all band, mixed mode.
> 73,
> John, K4BAI.
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