[CQ-Contest] Adding a separate receiver

John Geiger johngeig at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 12 10:54:47 EDT 2005

Is there a fairly easy way to interface a receiver
like the Kenwood R559D to a transceiver (in this case
a TS2000) for true dual receive?

I want to eventually get a HF rig that does dual
in-band receive for DX pileups, but won't have the
funds for a year or so.  I used to have a set of
Kenwood Twins and loved the receiver and got to
thinking that there might be a way to interface the
receiver with a transceiver.  I know the transmitter
would mute the receiver, and the receiver would pick
up the antenna connection from the transmitter, so is
there a good way to interface such a receiver with a
transceiver so you can listen on both the receiver and
the transceiver at the same time?

73s John NE0P

John Geiger
Associate Professor of Psychology, Cameron University

Ham Call NE0P, active 160m-70cm

Radios: Kenwood TS2000 (HF/6/2/70cm), Kenwood TS60 (6M base and mobile work), Yaesu VX7R 6m/2m/222mhz/70cm)

Antennas: 2 element Mini Quad, Cushcraft A14810S, Cushcraft 719B Homebrew G5RV

3 VUCCs on 50mhz: from EN41, EN51, EM04, #1014, #1015, #1290
2 meter VUCC #615
Satellite VUCC #129
County Hunters award (500): #3301, all 6 meters

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