[CQ-Contest] PJ2T availability for IARU

sawyered@earthlink.net sawyered at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 25 10:19:36 EDT 2005

I wanted to put in a plug for this world class station.  I operated IARU from PJ2T in 2002 as PJ2E in the HP CW only class.  I came in #10 in the world and #1 South America.  It was a blast.  Station improvements have been made since this effort which would have probably moved me up in the standings even further.

Its a world class station, great fraternal family of contesters who maintain it, and one hell of a vacation spot.

If you have ever considered it, GO FOR IT.  As they say, once you turn a stack of mono banders to EU or US or JA from the Carib in a major contest, you have tasted the "forbidden fruit" and your contesting life will never be the same.  Trust me, I know......


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