[CQ-Contest] Dayton Forum Rooms for DX/Contesting

Jeff Maass jmaass at columbus.rr.com
Mon Apr 25 18:41:21 EDT 2005

Absent any plausible explanation for this scheduling
stupidity from the New Regime at the Hamvention, my
bet is that they didn't want to rent all the chairs.

They seem a cheap bunch. Did someone say that they 
discontinued the shuttle service to the downtown hotels
a couple of years ago?


Jeff Maass  K8ND

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> Last year, the entire area that had formerly been the old area was not in
> use -- blocked off completely.  I seem to recall hearing that there was a
> physical problem (leaking roof?) that prevented the Hamvention from using
> that area for anything at all.
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> > I see that the folks at Dayton have again repeated the disaster of last
> > year.
> >
> > Herding us all into Room 4 again is, in my mind a complete sham. What
> > happen to using the old area?
> > I would have thought after last years fiasco they might have got the
> > hint and went back to using the much larger area.
> >

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