[CQ-Contest] Dayton Forum Rooms for DX/Contesting

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Wed Apr 27 09:26:03 EDT 2005

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Ya know,  I've been a ham for 30 year now (yikes!) and a semi-serious
contester on  and off for perhaps the last 10 or so. This marks the very
first time my  schedule is permitting me to make Dayton and I want everyone
-including  those who made such unpopular and unfortunate decisions  regarding
Dayton/ARRL logistics this year- that I'm truly beginning to  wonder if I'm
going to come away from this experience with anything  resembling a desire to
go back again. 


Ian, K5ZM..   Catch me this year as it may be your only shot ;) 

This is really easy. For a very long time, and even when the Contesting and  
Antenna forums had "real rooms," the HARA venue was and is a dump -- pure and  
simple. Frankly, it doesn't matter who did what to whom in the  
planning/logistics process; the bottom line is that K1DG and K3LR have secured a  great 
location at the Crowne Plaza for our favorite forums that is down the  hall from 
the contest dinner and evening suites.
So, Saturday's scenario has now become: 1) wake up; 2) have a nice  breakfast 
upstairs; 3) attend antenna forum; 4) take a break and have a quick  sandwich 
somewhere; 5) attend contest forum; 6) go get cleaned up for dinner; 7)  do 
the suites; 8) head to airport the next morning. In my book, that sure sounds  
like a winner! No HARA, no smelly hams, no sucky AV, comfortable seating for  
all, no hassle getting to and from a place you don't want to be at anyway,  
Ian (and others) -- this will be one of the best Dayton events ever! Lucky  
you to have it be your first.
My two cents.
73 John, K1AR

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