[CQ-Contest] Dayton Forum Rooms for DX/Contesting

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Wed Apr 27 09:56:19 EDT 2005

I have been going to Hamvention for about 20 years and each year has
been a different experience. Some years were great while others were lousy.

Generally I hang out with the QRP crowd because that's what I do most,
this year I'm spending more time with the DX and contesting crowd
because I'm having fun with that part of the hobby right now.

The one thing I have stayed away from is the whiney crowd, they are the
ones who bitch and complain each year about bad food, dirty bathrooms,
and fat smelly Hams. This is what they do best. They don't enjoy the
"junk" in the flea market, they don't attend seminars, they don't spend
time chatting with their fellow Hams. They just go to Dayton to get mad.
Go figure.

If you can go to Dayton and take Hamvention at face value, you'll have a
great time.
Yes the food sometimes sucks, the weather can suck, and some Hams don't
practice good hygiene, but this is really a small portion of the total
"Dayton" experience.

Take your time, see everything there, vent at the ARRL officials if you
feel the need, shake hands with old friends and make new ones.

And if you run into a fat Ham who DOES practice good hygiene, shake his
hand. It might be me. :-)

Dan, N8IE

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> Ya know, I've been a ham for 30 year now (yikes!) and a semi-serious
> contester on and off for perhaps the last 10 or so. This marks the 
> veryfirst time my schedule is permitting me to make Dayton and I 
> want everyone
> -including those who made such unpopular and unfortunate decisions 
> regardingDayton/ARRL logistics this year- that I'm truly beginning 
> to wonder if I'm
> going to come away from this experience with anything resembling a 
> desire to
> go back again. 
> 73, 
> Ian, K5ZM..  Catch me this year as it may be your only shot ;) 

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