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K5NZ@aol.com K5NZ at aol.com
Fri Apr 29 12:35:32 EDT 2005

Well, moving to the CP is great as far as comfort and seating!  I only care 
to spend half a day walking around at Hara anyway!  But....  the downside I see 
is missing the casual attendees that might just happen to walk in and listen 
to the contest forum and decide.. "Hey this sounds like fun, I'm going to give 
it a try".  The CP group is the mainstream of contesting.  Getting a guy to 
come over to the CP that is not staying there to hear a forum he doesn't really 
know if he cares for is about a chance in hell.  Personally, I love it being 
in the CP...  but I guess if you look at it as a chance to recruit new 
players, it is probably a bad move..

just my take...

cu there   nz

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