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Mon Aug 1 09:39:59 EDT 2005

In a message dated 8/1/2005 7:38:25 AM Eastern Daylight Time, k9gx at n4gn.com 

>>Fortunately beyond just making the Qs one must copy and log calls and 
exchanges correctly.<<

...and pray that other people log YOU correctly, don't delete you from their 
log (M/S "timing thing"), they don't press wrong key or computer doesn't wipe 
bunch of QSOs or you will be punished with 4 QSO's removal "to punish you for 
sloppy logging and teach you a lesson how to log properly".
Isn't it time to remove this 3 QSO "penalty" stuff?
It was meant to punish those who left the dupes in their old paper logs, when 
you had the control over duping and it was justified then, but now?

73 Yuri

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