[CQ-Contest] FT-857D for contesting???

Jacob W Tennant k8jwt at adelphia.net
Mon Aug 1 21:00:44 EDT 2005

Well the 857D question has been put to rest as I had a local offer me a 
sweet deal on his FT-840 FREE if I help him remove some old antenna tower 
that is damaged beyond use as well as some other "yard work" since he is in 
his 80's. The FT-840 is only 5 years old and I have worked field day with 
him for the last 5 years using this radio and know it is a good rig.

Hope to get on for the upcoming contests if only as a casual operator for 

Jacob Tennant - K8JWT/AG. . .
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> Hi Jacob,
> Congrats from me also.
> I would say that if it's a question of using an FT-857D that you already
> have for HF contesting, do it.
> The operational deficiencies of this radio have been noted by others 
> better
> than I could, but there is possibly some skill-building potential in a 
> radio
> that's not great, particularly since the most important filter you'll ever
> use is the one between your ears. Give it a tough workout and it will 
> learn
> the skills well.
> If it's a question of buying an FT857D vs. something else, I think there 
> are
> any number of alternative radios at or about the (new) FT857 price point
> that would do you better. In this area, I'd look at (used) TS-850SAT,
> IC-765, FT-990 (at a good price, an FT1000MP might not be a huge stretch).
> Other good alternatives include a K2/100, an Omni VI or IC-761.
> Even something such as an IC-751, FT-920 or TS-940SAT are worthy 
> contenders.
> I think, however, the No.1 value story in contesting radios today is a 
> used
> IC-756PRO. About $1k to $1.3k, great RX, excellent IF-DSP and very
> contester-friendly user interface. The distinction between IC-756 and
> IC-756PRO is huge (entirely different RF architecture). The distinction
> between the IC-756PRO and PRO-II and PRO-III are harder to quantify,
> particularly given the price jumps.
> 73, kelly
> ve4xt
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>> Congratulations on earning your General, Jacob!  If you have done some
>> VHF contesting in the past and want to try out your new band privileges
>> in some HF contests, of course you can use the FT-857.  Is it the ideal
>> radio for HF contesting?  Probably not, but if you have one or have
>> access to one, the important thing is to get your feet wet in some
>> contests and HAVE FUN!  If you're able to upgrade your station down the
>> road, there are many other radios that would be great for HF contesting,
>> but first work to upgrade your on-the-air skills and knowledge of the HF
>> bands.  So when do we hear K8JWT in a contest?
>> 73, George W1EBI
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>> After reading along with the thread on the FT-840 vs. IC-718,  I was
>> wondering about the thoughts on using the FT-857D for contesting?  I
>> have
>> used one for VHF contestsat a friends station and it seemed to work good
>> but
>> never used it on HF as I just passed my General exam last night.
>> Jacob Tennant - K8JWT/AG
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